Project Structuring

PeriGrow’s consulting services to the real estate, construction and infrastructure industry have been a strong part of our service offerings for many years. We have a long history and a vast experience of consulting clients on real estate acquisitions, deal structuring, transaction advisory, tax optimization and other matters.

PeriGrow offers the following services in Project Structuring:

  • Structuring real estate acquisitions (asset deals/share deals)
  • Performing due diligence of real estate
  • Drafting, developing and subsequent approval of transaction documents (including SPAs for asset deals or share deals)
  • Financing real estate transactions, structuring collateral for financing deals
  • Consulting on leasing, representing lessors and lessees
  • Advising on structuring investments for real estate projects
  • Advice on operation of real estate properties (including contracts with management companies, contracts concerning common property of buildings)