PeriGrow’s Assurance Team Validates the Winner Selection Process for Contests and Reality Shows

by ckasundra | Jun 09, 2017
PeriGrow’s Assurance Team Validates the Winner Selection Process for Contests and Reality Shows

A popular TV Channel in India (100 + Manpower; B2C – Organized Sector) wanted to ensure that the winner selection process for their contests and reality shows is fair and just, through a validated process and third party assurance. This was also required to ensure that in case of any dispute, none of the participants could allege partiality or discrimination and pursue legal actions against them.

Why PeriGrow: Due to its strong assurance team and expertise with validation of winner selection process, PeriGrow was engaged to ensure that fair practices are followed and to protect the TV Channel’s interests.

Service Offered: Audit; Reporting Excellence; Risk Management

Actionable Strategy: A dedicated team understood the entire contest and the criteria for winning and designed a formula based concept to reduce the impact of spam voting. Further, PeriGrow conducted a detailed analysis of the winner selection process to ensure that the process is fair.

Sustainable Results: Reduction of potential claims by 100%, guaranteed 100%genuine and fair selection of winners. The client’s credibility, popularity and reputation were protected as a direct result.

Indian television networks hosting reality shows are finding themselves in the hot seat with allegations from contestants, viewers and even judges about manipulated staging, voting, selection and elimination processes flying thick and fast. The media is under immense pressure to not only stay honest but also to prove themselves as a credible source of entertainment. A game show producer is constantly under the spotlight to recruit contestants and prevent leakage of confidential information that may jeopardize their game show.

According to statistics, a game show in India attracts maximum viewership and viewer participation. Further, the prize money is another aspect that makes this a vulnerable and susceptible industry. Lastly, since a lot of advertisers pump in money to sponsor the show, these television channels are susceptible to law suits and in the minds of the public are guilty until proven innocent.

To avoid such problems and bring in transparency, our client was looking to engage an independent audit agency, which would not only validate every aspect of the show, beginning from the selection criteria to voting, elimination of candidates but even take into account the judges’ attitude towards contestants.

While safeguarding your credibility and peace of mind are top reasons of engaging an auditor, a few considerations must be madesuch as:

  • Experience in vetting the winning criteria, contest logic, selection process and judging regulations
  • The team must include experts on voting and elimination process
  • Software used to monitor various touch-points (missed calls, mobile calls, sms, internet voting)

PeriGrow’s assurance team is experienced in validation of game logic, validation of the winner selection process and prevention of spam voting for game shows and reality television contests for more than a decade. Our Risk Management experts are available at or +91 22 6117 4910.