PeriGrow’s Assurance Team Enables Risk Management for one of the largest television content producers in India

by ckasundra | Jun 09, 2017
PeriGrow’s Assurance Team Enables Risk Management for one of the largest television content producers in India

Largest television content producers (100 + Manpower; B2B – Organized Sector) witnessed increased overheads for on-set shoot expenses. PeriGrow was brought on board to assess the situation and track reasonableness and genuineness of the payment to reduce the cost of production.

Why PeriGrow: PeriGrow’s national presence aided in strict shoot verification across all client locations pan India.

Service Offered: Risk management; Genuineness of on-set expenditures; Reporting excellence

Actionable Strategy: PeriGrow’s Assurance team conducted a detailed analysis of all expenses incurred for the shoot and verified all the expenses every day at each location where the shoot was being held. A pre-payment verification exercise proved successful.

Sustainable Results: PeriGrow helped the company reduce their production costs by a staggering 15%.

The television content production business in India has grown so fast, causing inflationary costs in order to expand. Daily payments are a huge drain due to long shoots, various locations and elaborate sets. A production accountant at a studio says, “Massive expansion of Indian broadcasters has burned huge amounts of cash”. For almost all the content producers, a streamlined daily payment process needs to be implemented especially those content producers who are running with fixed budgets and against time.

That all teams in the production house should work together across formats sounds nothing more than common sense. But that isn’t how the television content production business has evolved. Like all other sectors, production houses too operate in silos and departments. Moreover, most production houses try to retain one voice and one tone.

TV content producers can achieve #NoMoreOverheads with PeriGrow’s Assurance Team

  • To cut down on expenses during shoots, PeriGrow will implemented a #UCANSaveBig program at every shoot location
  • PeriGrow will enable cost rationalization on set. For instance, PeriGrow not only consolidates and verifies daily payments of expenses incurred but also advices on cost cutting mechanisms.
  • Fostering accountability, PeriGrow will help the TV content producer reduce its costs of production by streamlining the co-ordination between various departments
  • All invoices are then tallied with expenses made before any payments are issued. This occurs on every single location where the shoot takes place

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