GGI’s Global Village On The Move

by ckasundra | Jun 09, 2017
GGI’s Global Village On The Move

GGI unites a group of international, independent audit, accounting, law and consulting firms with the joint potential to find the right solution for any specific problem and resolve any financial, legal and tax issues which may arise. GGI’s broad international coverage provides clients with access to 450+ high quality firms in 115+ countries worldwide.

PeriGrow has been associated with GGI since 2013. Ashish Bairagra, Director, PeriGrow is the Asia Pacific Chairperson of the International Taxation Practice Group and the Vice Chairperson of the Asia Pacific Regional Advisory Council of GGI. We believe, in order for a company to grow, it has to expand its boundaries globally and it must be aware of the legal, fiscal and economic peculiarities of various business environments. Only an international organization of experts, such as those within the GGI community, can make it possible for an individual businessman to achieve the best choice of business relationships.

To further, their efforts within the business community, and to encourage new talent and awareness, GGI continues to collaborate with the Iacocca Institute at Lehigh University in Pennsylvania, USA, by sponsoring some of the young GGI professionals (members) to attend their Global Village on the Move program held every year, and this year it is being held in Mumbai, India.

Global Village on the Move is a highly acclaimed applied leadership and cross-cultural training program which takes place in different locations each year throughout the world. The program is specifically aimed towards young professionals, and seeks to integrate elements in leadership, entrepreneurial skills, business and industry knowledge together with the tools to build a powerful global network.

GGI will sponsor five young professionals from their member firms to attend the Global Village on the Move program which will take place between October 19-29th, 2015 in Mumbai, India. The theme for this event is “Emergence of India as an Economic Power in the Global Marketplace”. The GGI sponsorship will include all of the classes, workshops, food and accommodation. This comes planned as part of a very successful series of workshops and programs held previously in 2014 and 2013 in different parts of the world. For example, the 2014 edition of the program took place in Kazan (Russia) and was a great success. During the nine days, the GGI delegates together with some 30 other attendees from 11 countries experienced exciting panel sessions, interesting presentations, lectures about Russian culture and sightseeing tours whilst at the same time improving their leadership, networking and team-working skills. PeriGrow encourages all GGI members to actively participate in the GGI Global Village On The Move Program.

More about PeriGrow:
“PeriGrow” is an organization dedicated to offering professional services in the finance and accounting industry employing some of the best brains in the industry, who collaborate to provide audit, consulting, financial advisory, risk management, and tax services to clients.

More about GGI:
Members of GGI have years of experience and are located all over the world and come from wide range of industries. GGI members cover practically all areas of economic life – from banks, industrial companies and airlines, right down to hotels and restaurants.